Literary horoscope: a book for every star sign!

Literary horoscope: a book for every star sign!

A literary horoscope is useful to face all the challenges of the New Year 2020. Here below you can find some famous books, each for every star sign; they can be like a guide, an occasion to think, a good-luck charm, the mirror of your personality or simply the reason to enjoy that book you pushed back to read for a long time…

The New Year is beginning and we have a lot of hopes and expectations for it: we start to collect projects and good-luck charms and we expect they will protect us during next months, hopefully full of wonderful surprises. Some people usually list their good intentions for the coming year, some others analyse the past in order to better understand what was good and what went wrong, and others trust the stars: everybody has its own way to start the new year in the best conditions.

For those who love reading, we would like to offer you a book practice: a literary horoscope which can help you to face the new challenges of the year. We have chosen a famous book for every star sign. Take a look!


The incipit is the most important part of a novel, when the narrator and the reader begin to know each other and start the reading experience together. Dear readers and in particular Aries readers, we hope not to let you down and to give you good advices since the very beginning of this literary horoscope. We suggest you a particular book for this 2020: a book which represents your brave, dynamic and combative personality. Mars rules you and establishes your endless energy. You are always ready to show you are the best by facing every challenge with strength and maybe too much aggressiveness. You are the real warriors of life and you need the same passion also when you read. The perfect title for you is “War and Peace” by L. Tolstoy, the great novel that required 7 years to be written by the author. Do you think is a good challenge for you?


If we should describe Taurus personality, we could talk about artistic talent, positivity, sentimentalism, creativity and will to enjoy life. The stars have been generous with you, dear Taurus. You are always able to conquer people with your refined intellect and inner reliability. We think about you like bohemian characters, calm and seductive, far from this vulgar world. For this reason, according to our opinion, the perfect book for you is “The Picture of Dorian Gray” by O. Wilde. The protagonist of the novel of Oscar Wilde is a young boy obsessed by the fear of getting older and losing his beauty. Because of it he asks to the painter Basil Hallward to stop its picture by creating a portrait which will let him not to became older anymore. Dorian represents your incredible genius, your endless beauty and your attachment to material goods, that make you practical and possessive. Don’t worry because your destiny is definitely better that Dorian’s one.


Gemini are represented by the famous couple of Castor and Pollux: the first is mortal, a horse trainer, attached to earth and material goods; while the second one is immortal, a great boxer, ironic and elusive. These two personalities include the double and ambiguous character of Gemini. We can’t resist to your great intelligence and seductive charm. If you were novel characters, we would immediately fall in love with you. In reality, your need of freedom risks not to be accepted by those who are close to you. We must accept you as you are because the will to change and the continuous search of incentives can be also positive: for example it helps you to always discover new aspects of your personality and of the world around you. This is what happens to the protagonist of the novel we have chosen for you: “Orlando” by Virginia Woolf. The man who becomes woman by transforming his body and his mind during his three-centuries existence. It’s the perfect book for those like you who don’t want to get bored and look at life as a possibility of endless opportunities.



The Cancer is a tireless reader, isn’t it? For you there is nothing better than losing your mind into the pages of a beautiful book. You are romantic dreamers, always kind and maybe a little bit air-headed in search of calm and balance. You are always available but you should sometimes say “no” rather than those “yes” said in order to avoid problems. This calm is only the most external part of your personality because you are also anxious and oversensitive and get angry like children. In your soul there is something that reminds to childhood. Maybe it is the strong connection with your family, a deep attachment like in the novel “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close” by J.S. Foer, which is the perfect book for you thanks both to its style and content.


Ah Leo! We would like to talk a lot about your glowing personality, your great charm and your enviable ease… but do you really need this? We perfectly know you are already aware of your seductive weapons and we wouldn’t like to increase your ego, which is already boastful. Dear Leo friends, don’t mind it: the Sun supports you and you don’t need any further confirmations. Even though you always search for them by appearing egocentric and even presumptuous. For people like you, who always search for a stage to perform, “Pride and Prejudice” by J. Austen is a really recommended book and it will be impossible not to recognize yourself in the brave and stubbornness of the protagonist Elisabeth.



Accurate, analytical, rational and careful about the details: Virgo people don’t live simply. You can tell us how difficult and even tiring is to evaluate and analyse every detail and everything happens around you. We imagine while you are reading a book and marking all the parts and descriptions that didn’t persuade you. It is almost natural that this precision turns into a kind of arrogance and snobbishness. This portrait reminds us the unforgettable character of contemporary literature of ironic Renée, the porter of the novel “The Elegance of Hedgehog” by B. Muriel. She is like you and despite of her strong appearance, she reveals a refined sensibility and a good heart.


Dear Libra people, how could you combine your need of beauty, balance and justice with the neurotic chaos of this world? Maybe it is thanks to your diplomacy, which allows you to face every situation even the most difficult ones, without losing your kindness and welcoming behaviour. You remind us our beloved Pereira, the protagonist of the masterpiece of Antonio Tabucchi entitled “Pereira Mantains”. He is the director of cultural section of Lisboa and he is an accurate and methodical man who feels the inner desire of doing the right thing. After having spent a quiet life, he decides to change everything and to fight for something in which he believes. The calm and rational personality, pure and idealist, is an aspect we think you can share with this character, with who you will surely fall in love.


It should be very pleasant to be known as the most passionate star sign. Regarding charm and sensuality, nobody can compete with you: you are the winners. Who could even fight against you? This seductive power hides a darker side, which anybody wouldn’t like to deal with. You can admit that you are a little bit aggressive and vindictive. Life with you is a mix of burning feelings and sensations and dangers are always lying in wait. We remember your stinger very well, with which you can stink at any moment by leaving us suddenly wordless like the unexpected final of the perfect book for you “Lacci” by D. Starnone. Please trust us, it won’t let you down.



Elegant archers with great intellect, the Sagittarius are refined and lively creatures, a mixture of energy, positivity and creativity. Sagittarius people are extremely reflective and cerebral and reading will be one of their greatest passions. They keep a bit of innocence which makes them curious and brave adventurers. Their world is lively and characterised by unconventional scenarios.  If we could be in their mind, we could find a magical universe like that of “The Chronicles of Narnia” by C.S. Lewis, a masterpiece belonging to fantasy genre among the classics of English literature of 20th century.



We want to make a special gift to you Capricorn friends. The whole Zodiac will envy you because your perfect book is the saga of the most famous little magician Harry Potter. You deserve it! You are loyal, patient and tireless partners and nobody could better represent these books than you. Only few people have your same perseverance and for this reason we assign you the seven novels written by J.K. Rowling. We know you don’t like romanticisms and abstractions; on the contrary you are practical. But this story has also magic elements and faces universal topics like love and the fear of death. Even though you are rational and practical, we bet this book will completely transform you.


Sweet Aquarius, the perfect book for you is “The Baron in the Trees” by I. Calvino. It is impossible not to compare you with the rebel Cosimo Piovasco di Rondò, the unruly 12-years-old boy who climbs on a tree and doesn’t want to go down anymore. We chose this novel because you are a water sign and it is easy to imagine you upon a tree while you are looking at the sky with dreaming eyes.  Moreover, this story is full of adventures and freedom: the ideal story for great idealists like you, who like travelling among the clouds than accepting what you find on the earth.


Beautiful Pisces, it’s your turn! We know you don’t mind waiting for a time, not only because you are patient and tolerant, but also because you are so absorbed by your thoughts that you didn’t even notice those who come before you. Fantasy is your most important source and this let you to be creative and amazing. But please be careful to control it: we know your chaotic and messy side very well. The luckiest people who have the opportunity to meet you, aren’t able to resist to your charm and ability to involve them into dreaming and magic worlds. There is no better book which can represent you: “Froth on the Daydream” by B. Vian. The novel is an absurd and surreal love story which will conquer your sweet hearts with visionary descriptions.


Written by Jolanda Di Virgilio – Il Libraio 

Translated by Federica Mariani – Officina delle Lingue









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