Why and how you should translate your e-commerce

Why and how you should translate your e-commerce

Internet is a real complex world, a reality in which the great part of the people lives its real or “second” life. It is the main way used by all and for very different reasons, and it has completely substituted the traditional methods used to promote yourselves and sell your product.

A web site allows you to reach everybody in the world in every moment.

Everywhere doesn’t always mean everybody: we don’t speak the same language, we don’t have the same habits and the same way of thinking.

The solution to these differences is to translate your own web site and your e-commerce, make a translation of the sentences, of the texts, and of everything that it is necessary to communicate the message and reach different targets.



The translation is a very complex process, which requires time and strategies. It is important to ask and evaluate in what language you should translate your own web site. In order to do that, a great support is provided by the ranking of W3Techs which shows the 3 most used languages for writing and translating the web contents:


  • English (56,1%)
  • Russian (7,3%)
  • Spanish (4,6%)


Therefore they are followed by German, French and Japanese (from 4,5% to 3,5%) and languages like Portuguese, Persian, Italian and Turkish (from 2,5% to 2,0%).

Pay attention to distinguish the most used languages for contents from the most spoken languages because they are not the same as we will explain.




Translated provides the T-index, an index able to indicate the languages in which you should translate your own website and with the highest business potential for an international development and growth. The higher the value of T-index is, the higher online sales potential can be. This is the ranking of the languages with the highest e-commerce potential in which you should translate your web site:


  • USA = 31,4%
  • China = 9,3%
  • Japan = 6,6%
  • Germany = 4,6%
  • UK = 4,6%


Translate the website and the e-commerce in these languages allows you to reach the 50% of the population of the world.

USA are at the top of the list because they represent the highest number of online sales in the world. Therefore China is a country with several problems of internet freedom and it is forecasted that it will pass USA in 2021. Japan is increasing and it is followed by Germany, which has overcome UK.

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