Welcome to Officina delle Lingue!

Our mission is to help companies ti improve their international communication by providing with professional translations, localisations and reviews of high quality.

Officina delle Lingue

My name is Federica Mariani and I am the founder of Officina delle Lingue.

I have been working as translator since 2012 in different language combinations and I manage different kinds of texts.

My language combinations are English, German>Italian.


My MISSION is focused on providing multilingual translations, localizations and reviews.

This is the starting point of Officina: a NETWORK of TRANSLATORS, native speaker linguists living in their own countries, who allows us to provide with a complete linguistic offer and precise and localized translations.

Officina languages include:

Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese and Chinese.



  • International Companies
  • Communication Agencies
  • Magazine and Publishers
  • Professional Translators and Reviewers.

Link to my Linkedin profile:    imagest5xrnu9m Linkedin