Women’s Day all over the world

Women’s Day all over the world

Today on 8th March we celebrate the Women’s Day. 

There are different versions about the origin of this Day. Everybody remebers this day because of a fire, which happened on 25th March 1911 in a factory of Triangle (NY), in which 123 women died. But in the reality, this is not the real origin of this International Women’s Day.

Everything started in 1909 in the USA, when the American Socialist Party decided to organize an event for the women voting right and  on the 23rd February 1909 the first Women’s Day was celebrated.

In 1910, during the second International Conference of socialist women,  the American delegates suggested to introduce a Day dedicated to the women in order to claim their rights.

In Europe the Women’s Day was celebrated for the first time on 19th March 1911.  The celebrations were interrupted durng the First World War. On 8th March 1917 the Russian women organized a great event because of the end of the War. This event was so important that it became the official date for the Women’s Day.

The choice of the Mimosa flower  as symbol of this Day was introduced in 1946, in Italy  because it is a typical flower of this period of the year.

And what happens in the world today?

In Russia it is considered as a National Day and the women are the queens of the house for the whole day and they don’t care about their usual female tasks.  In Asia, for example in Indonesia, it has a political meaning and the intellectual women gather themselves in order to discuss about the improvements they have achieved. In South America is a really important day and people cook particular meals, for example in Columbia. In Ecuador  there is a park dedicated to the women, which is called “El parque del las mujeres”, where you can find event for all the womens. In East Europe people celebrate it together with the arrival of spring and they give a talisman in order to wish good luck. For example in Romania,  it is called “martisor”, made up with two threads red and white, which are the symbol of happiness.

Officina delle Lingue wish you a very Happy Women’s Day!