Halloween all over the world

Halloween all over the world

Here we are! Today is 31th October and we celebrate Halloween or also known as the Night of Deadmen walking!

It’s a very ancient celebration and it is enjoyed almost all over the world.

What happens during this particular night?

In Canada the celebration started with the Scottish immigrates in 1800, who usually carved the pumpkins and used them to decorate their houses. In Austria people put some bread on the table in order to welcome the souls of deads. In Germany people hide the knives in the drawers in order not to wound the souls. In Irland it is common to light the fires and the children go through the houses saying the famous “trick or treat?”. In Belgium peolple light up the candles in order to remember their deads. Indeed in England this celebration has deep roots and there are many ways to celebrate it, for example: to create little lanterns and throw stones and some other objects in the fire in order to banish the spirits. In Asia, above all in China and in Hong Kong, it is common to light the paths with lanterns and in the Buhddist temples people create little paper ships, which are burnt during the Halloween’s night to remember the deads and set free all the restless souls and let them to ascend in the sky.

Also in Italy, we have many traditions. In Sicily, for example, people said that the deads came in the houses and left some gifts, which the children could find the night after. In Lombardy, some people left water vases, which coud quench deads’ thirst during the night. They also put some bread and a lighted candle for them. In Piemonte and Val d’Aosta, the inhabitants of the houses furnished the table with food and beverage and left it to the souls, while they went to the graveyard to visit their deads.


Have a special Halloween’s night folks!


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