Discovering FIFA WORLD CUP -RUSSIA 2018

Discovering FIFA WORLD CUP -RUSSIA 2018

Now it’s time to Fifa World Cup Russia 2018.

This is the most followed sport competition and it’s an occasion to stay with friends and to watch exciting sport events. The teams are ready with their colours, their supporters and fans.

32 are the teams who are attending the competition and all fight to win the Cup.

Officina delle Lingue has browsed here and there and it has found interesting news about each nation of Fifa World Cup 2018. Are you curious about? Give a look a tour article!

RUSSIA: The Russia is the host and it is the country with the highest number of time zones. There are 9 time zones in the country and in until 2010 they were 11!

SAUDI ARABIA: it’s a very particular country where the women couldn’t have the driving licence. Fortunately now it has become legal and also the women can drive. A great progress!

EGYPT: the library of Alexandria treasures all the web pages that have been published since 1996.

URUGUAY:  it the inventor of Tango dance and the first country who has legalized the cannabis in 2013.

PORTUGAL: the Portuguese language is spoken as official language in 9 countries: Brazil, Cape Verde, Angola, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Principe, and Sao Tomé, Equatorial Guinea.

SPAIN: the Spanish hymn is the only hymn without the words and it cannot be sung.

MOROCCO: The green mint tea is the most important and most drunk drink by the Moroccan population.

IRAN: The rhinoplasty is most required surgery in the country and it is also the leader in the production of pistachio.

FRANCE:  In the city of Paris there are no STOP signs. The last was removed in 2012.

AUSTRALIA: It is extended like the entire Europe. The distance from the east extremity to west extremity is the same between London and Moscow.

PERU: Peru has the highest dune in the world. It is called Cerro Blanco and it is 1176 mt/ 3860 foot.

DENMARK: it’s the creator of LEGO® play.

ARGENTINA: it has the largest street of the world. It is 140 mt wide.

ICELAND: the trees are very rare and they cover only the 1, 3% of the territory surface.

CROATIA:  it is the country where the tie was created and it derives from Croatian word “hrvat“.

NIGERIA: it is the most crowded country in Africa with its 145 millions of inhabitants.

BRAZIL: in Brazil there are more than 180 native languages in addition to the official language.

SWITZERLAND:  it is the only country in the world that has a squared flag.

COSTA RICA: it has 200 volcanic formations.

SERBIA: it has 2 alphabets: Cyrillic and Latin.

GERMANY: there are more than 300 types of bread.

MEXICO: there is the smallest volcano of the world. It is only 13 meters high.

SWEDEN:  it’s the place where the first Ice Hotel was built.

SOUTH COREA: it is the country in which there is the largest number of newspaper: 63.

BELGIUM:  its main city Bruxelles hosts 5000 diplomats.

PANAMA: it is the country where the sun raises on Pacific Ocean and it goes down on Atlantic Ocean.

TUNISIA: its surface is covered by Sahara desert for the 40%.

UNITED KINGDOM: its hymn is the oldest of the world.

POLAND: The half of the storks of the world builds its nest here.

SENEGAL: it is the most western country of the Africa.

COLOMBIA: its symbol is the coffee and its orchards are a UNESCO heritage.

JAPAN: its trains are the most punctual of the world.

May the best man win!