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Be “my Valentine” all over the world

By on 14 February 2017

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!

The Valentine’s Day is well-known and celebrated almost all over the world. If you are going to travel or your love comes from far countries, here there is some useful news for you.

This day has different meanings according to the country and there are a lot of traditional ways to celebrate it. It happens on 14th February and it is dedicated to lovers. Its tradition started a long time ago, in the Middle Age.

Let’s see what happens around the world!

In Europe, all the countries like Italy, France, Spain and Germany have similar traditions: people celebrate it by making little gifts like chocolate candies, flowers and they usually go out for dinner. In France the lovers go to the Tour Eiffel and they declare themselves in this romantic place. In Spain men usually give red roses to their loves and who decides to go out for the weekend, they usually visit Seville, a symbol of passion.

In England there are the “Valentine’s”, romantic greetings cards written by anonymous senders, like those of Charles D’Orleans. According to the history, he was imprisoned in the London Tower and he sent his messages to his love by calling her “My sweet Valentine”. This tradition is also typical of The Netherlands.

In some other European countries like Finland and Estonia, on 14th February people celebrate the Friendship’s Day and they spend time all together.

In the USA, the 14th February is a day dedicated to all the kinds of love: couples, friends, relatives. People give sweet greetings cards and candies.

Japan is the most curious country because people celebrate on 14th February. On this day the girls give gifts to their boyfriends, colleagues and friends. On the contrary they give them gifts back on 14th March, which is called the “White Day” and for this reason they are obliged to give white chocolates.

In Thailand people celebrate this day only if they are going to marry.

Brazil makes the difference and the day is 12th June, which is dedicated to Sant’Antonio, patron saint of the marriage. The girls who don’t have a husband go around with a little statue of Sant’ Antonio all day long and they pray him in order to help them to find a possible husband.

The religion of Russia and of many ex-USSR countries is orthodox and this is the reason why Valentine’s Day is not accepted and celebrated. It is forbidden because it could be a symbol of promiscuous love.





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