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It’s Carnival time!

By on 5 March 2019

It’s Carnival Time! All over the world people celebrate Carnival.

Who doesn’t know the Carnival of Venice with its historic, charming and mysterious masks?

The most famous Carnival in the world…

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How to say “I love you” all over the world

By on 14 February 2019

Today is Valentine’s Day, the day of all the lovers!

This celebration has a lot of meanings and legends around it.

According to Christian tradition, San Valentino was the priest who…

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Who speaks Italian in the world?

By on 14 November 2018

The Italian language is so called the “sweetest language”.

Nowadays the world has becomes always more anglicized and a lot of languages, which seem to be forgotten or not used,…

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Do you want a cup of coffee?

By on 19 October 2018

Do you want a cup of coffee?

Italy has been known as the land of coffee, that dark and scented liquid that wakes you up and recharges you every moment…

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Plane’s pilots language

By on 26 July 2018

Piloting a plane is a hard work and it requires excellent communication skills. The pilots have to be able to communicate swiftly and in an effective way and during…