December 2015 – Officina delle Lingue

December 2015

Not only languages

The New Year’s Eve: traditions and time zone

By on 30 December 2015

2016 is near to begin. First or later all the people in the world will celebrate it with friend, in mountain or at the seaside, eating some bringing good…

Not only languages

Merry Christmas in all the languages of the world

By on 24 December 2015

Here we are! Only one day and tomorrow it will be Christmas!

And you? Where will you celebrate it? Will you spend time with relatives or maybe travelling round the…

Not only languages

How do we drive in the world?

By on 15 December 2015

Right or Left? It is a more difficult question that it seems to be.

Italian people, like all the other European citizens, usually drive on the right and when we…